Get the new WebTools in version 7


Document Locator version 7 has been released and it includes an entirely new WebTools interface for online document management that is touch-friendly and easy to use.

WebTools is an optional add-on companion to the desktop software. If you already have WebTools, consider upgrading to get the latest technology. If you don't yet have WebTools, now is a great time to consider adding this handy component for Web access.

The new WebTools is built using HTML 5 technology. It has a new look and feel that is more intuitive to use and is ready for touch-screen computing. Speed and performance have also been enhanced, and a new "favorites" selector allows you to build a list of everyday files.

WebTools 7 works on all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Version 7 upgrades are available now to all customers on support and maintenance. There's no additional cost. To request keys, visit: https://columbiasoftconnect.com/request-keys