Document Locator version 7, the New WebTools

If you are already using the Web companion for Document Locator to log in from outside the office or access files in a Web browser, you’ll want to know about Document Locator version 7. If you are not using WebTools yet, you’ll want to pay even closer attention because the new WebTools is better and faster than ever.

The Web option for Document Locator has been around for several years now, and in that time it has become a popular way to allow employees access to files while on the road or from satellite offices, let venders drop off and pick up files, and customers self-retrieve information. Since its first release, the self-hosted interface has had a few updates, but in Version 7 it is completely redesigned from the ground up in HTML 5. Among the improvements:

  • Works on all major browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari
  • Has faster page loading and improved speed performance
  • Is designed for easier navigation on touchscreens and tablets
  • Has a new “Favorites” selector that makes it easy to build a list of everyday files
  • Includes drag-and-drop and copy-and-move navigation that works just like in Windows
  • Has new context menus that are available at a right-click